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Lysistrata Comedy Festival Logo

Logo and branding for Austin, Texas-based, third-annual, all-women's Lysistrata Comedy Festival! 

Brief requested logo have three women and represent the fun, funny, rebellious spirit of the festival. Branding was used on water bottles, brochures, social media, and the festival's website.  

Renegade Training Systems Logo

Logo for Austin, Texas- based personal trainer and powerlifter Ren Tipton. Logo used on powerlifter team's shirts. 

Oops! All Headliners Comedy Show Logo

Logo and flyer branding for Austin-based comedian, writer, and actress, Yola Jean Lu. 

Texass Comedy Show Logo & Branding

Branding for comedy show I co-created and co-produced with comedian Sarah Spear.

Open Michelle Logo & Branding

Branding for a comedy open mic I created for women and nonbinary comedians in Austin, Texas, called Open Michelle.